Krishnagar Government College

This College will celebrate 175 years of establishment in November 2019

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1. Till the notification of the result of the final examination the students are considered to be the bonafide present students of the college.

2. All the rules and regulations of the college declared at different times of an academic session should be followed and obeyed by the students.

3. Students should collect their college Identity Card and keep it with them in safe custody.

4. Loitering around the corridors, classrooms and examination halls is strictly prohibited.

5. Participation in games and sports is important.

6. Other than any satisfactory reasons, presence of students in tutorial classes is mandatory.

7. Absence of a student from any examination in the college shall be treated as an act of misconduct and breaking the discipline of the college. If a student is unable to appear in one or more examination, he/ she should submit relevant evidence of his /her absence to the Principal, countersigned by the guardian.

8. Guardians should attend the Parents’- Teachers’ meetings held in the college, organized by the Parents-Teachers Council.

9. There is a Grievance Redressing Cell where students and their guardians may lodge complaints if and when required.

10. Ragging is strictly forbidden in the college. If anyone is found guilty of ragging shall be punished according to the Court of Law. It is also to be noted that during admission, students and their guardians have to submit an anti-ragging affidavit as directed by the Supreme Court. Affidavits may be filled online at the following websites: OR but a hardcopy of the same has to be submitted to the college authority.

11. According to the rules and regulations of the University of Kalyani, 75% attendance of the students in classes is mandatory. At least 60% classes are to be attended so that after applying the non-collegiate fee the candidate may be eligible to appear in any examination conducted by the University. Students with below 60% attendance in class are considered as dis-collegiate and not allowed to appear in the final examination conducted by the University. Physical disabilities or other excuses are also rendered invalid in this case.